The Music Man by eddshack

The Music Man

Painted on stretched canvas and painted in Acrylics
size 12" x 16"
Can you hear the music let me know
Superb acrylic painting in your fine style, Edd.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Best wishes, Peter
19 days ago
Thank you Peter glad you liked my musicman
17 days
Nice work. Full of movement. Laurel
19 days
such an beautiful sound , the saxophone and you transformed the sound into colours!
kind regards Ellen
19 days
Thank Ellen really glad you liked my musicman
17 days
Oh yes can indeed hear the music with that gorgeous confection of colour surrounding the musician, it sounds so joyful and happy !! warm regards Jillian
18 days
Glad your tuned in Jillian thanks
17 days
Very nice work, Ed. Love that saxophone. The background really adds to this.
18 days
Cool broken colour and movement here Eddshack nice one warm regards Peter
18 days
Thank you Peter Much appreciated
17 days
Beautiful work of art eddshack with gorgeous colors and great details, love the painting style!
18 days
Lovely expressive piece
17 days
Reminds me of a musician i seen in Marbella many times on the streets there.....very nicely painted Edd!....
17 days
Wonderful feel of a smokey speak easy in some sleazy basement in America Eddie.
17 days
You hang out In them bars as well Graham see you there !! thanks
17 days
A lovely "Music Man" Eddshack, and the colour and instrument looks great and sounds musical too! A really happy expression indeed!
16 days
I love musicians, this is a very loose and colorful one.
15 days
Well Ed, I think it's a vibrant piece! And with furniture in the broadest sense encompassing musical instruments, welcome to the group!

comment for the group Fine Furniture
14 days
Hello Edd, the style of your new painting, from my point of view, is different from your typical style. I like multi-colors and movement. Warm regards, Dmitri
12 days
Thanks for your lovely comments Dmitri it is a bit different from my other paintings I do like to varie
my painting a bit i,m painting another one like this
at the moment I think you might like this one
Watch this space
12 days
great picture, the background says he is playing a rainbow of colors :)
11 days
Hi Edd, yes I hear the music, loud and clear. Great painting.
11 days
Full of Music ! Lots of tones:-)
10 days
I can hear the music! Great job!
7 days
Fabulous....well done!
4 days
Hey Edd, this ones got the old foot tapping, lots of movement, well done, J.
2 days
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Artist Statement
for eddshack
eddshackCopy of Van Gogh Painting Starry Night
size 12 inches x 16 inches
Gold Member
I am trying to get better control over how I use white - do you have any techniques you use to control this wonderful colour / non colour ?
really amazing! the spoon... the white! the light... I really like so much about this... I tend to break things into fragments in my comments... but it is... view answer
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