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Deep Down by Sabine K

Deep Down

Looking from the inside out...looking at opportunities, working things out, testing the water...and living life without being run over by a chronical illness...I actually enjoy the momentum, the beauty of life and its roller coaster effects...happy day you creative souls on earth.


Does art help you to find some sort of clarity for making choices, which may be of vital importance?
I see different phases here in this Abstract with blue being the predominant colour of communicating the various stages where opportunity is revealing self growth. The yellow brings warmth and green shows space where the environmemt is fertile and alive! The spiral of blue shows release from the dark circuit where self growth maybe was hibernated and dull, from a dark place as under that ring there was premature life and where lufe did begin. Yes, colours do communicate experiences and cycles of life in Abstract form!
2 months ago
This is again such a beautiful comment and actually represents my stage of life and the ongoing exploration through stepping stones...Thank you dearest Angela Susan!!!
2 months
There's more than meets the eye, choices in art are difficult, when is your artwork finished...

Love your art and colorchoices
2 months
Oh Paul, you are always so encouraging and enlightening...cause I am learning with and from your creativity...the collective absorption of art helps me to continue painting...thank you x
2 months
Yes, dear Sabine! Especially when I look back at my life since I myself, started painting.
In your painting I see a well full of beauty and wisdom. Those swirls on the bottom are pulling me in.
2 months
Hey dearest, I turned picture and continued a bit more...I believe this is somehow an important revelation and I want to particularly use this big canvas for a purpose called Nurture Shed...I report more via mail pretty soon. Life is as usual endlessly frantic and never know which project to focus more boredom :-)
2 months
I like it better. How big is it?

Apparently painting is largely about relationships .
2 months
To answer your question ... No it doesn't I treat art as an accompaniment to what I do not as a decision maker, I've never been able to overthink it, its just something we like doing or looking at, sorry but can't go any deeper than that
Nice one
2 months
Thank you for stopping by...strange how view points can be so contrasting...emotional painting is in my case therapeutic and enhances my decision making ...
2 months
Picture replaced: Progression continued!
2 months
lovely colorful spiral Sabine full of life and texture!
2 months
Hi Sabine and thx for your great comment. Art helps me get ideas. This way I can get all sorts of input from....myself:-) But it helps me a lot when talking to others. Makes me able to see different problems from different angels
2 months
this is a lovely exhibition of the touching words you send along with the painting.
It shows a happy you and we can join in.....
For me painting is comforting, healing at moments, sometimes just enjoying the ever so important process.

take care Ellen
2 months
This is an all-seeing abstract Sabine, like it a lot, well done, J.
2 months
You enjoy the ride Sabine, I know times can be tough. Love the changes of patterns and colours x
2 months
Wonderful concept and composition, Sabine. Love it.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Warmest wishes, Peter
2 months
Not sure about that, just know I am in a very happy creative space when I am creating, time goes so quickly, usually happy with a piece when I am done. I have two or three projects at a time, hoppying from one to the other.
2 months
Beutiful Sabine....yes art is soothing for the soul...i have drawn 3 or 4 the past week, i find it helps me so much to live life to the fullest. Your painting is amazing...and so creative. Love your color palette, i see the eye that sees everything....and all the choices you can choose....just awesome!
1 month
Love the colour mix here Sabine, and the eye being central sees us look around everywhere, and also revert sees us being watched over/or by others, which is more important? .. i,m not sure, but yes i definitaly find painting theraputic, healing and maybe emotional to a degree helps us when in deep thought!.....keep creative!......Michael
1 month
This is a great abstract Sabine.
Art gives clarity of thought through focus I would say. The world is strange lets see what happens!
1 month
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