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Into The Maze by Ronnie Taulbee
Looks like a magical mystery tour Ronnie,keeps your attention!....Michael
2 months ago
Thank you, Michael for your comment! It's very appropriated!

2 months
very cool.. super, amazing ... (superlatives repeated!) really amazing cindy
2 months
Thank you- Cynthia...I appreciate the comment.

1 month
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Artist Statement
for Ronnie Taulbee
Ronnie TaulbeeI have taken a break from PIL, due to health issues, but now I hope to change that. I miss all the great artist and their talent. I hope everyone is doing good.

Hello everyone. I have been involved in art pretty much all my life. This is a wonderful site to find all diversity in art! Individual artist here do great work. I just want to say carry on, stay creative! We all need art in our lives...and we never stop learning from new approaches, and this site and all its artist are totally the most creative...Enjoy!

Ronnie Taulbee Is my email If you or anyone would want to purchase my art.
Thank You!
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Rainy Days
Do you abstract painters really start with a blank canvas, and build from there or do you plan your abstract?
Sometimes I've had a general image in mind before, but other times just a general idea about colors and start. This picture of yours is excellent, so don't... view answer
abstract acrylic animals autumn beach birds blackandwhite blues boats buildings cats charcoal cityscape clouds dogs drawings dreams fantasy figurative flowers forsale glaze greens horses impasto inks landscape layers moon mountains nature oil oranges pastel pens plein‑air portrait reds rivers roses seascape snow still‑life sunsets surrealism texture trees watercolor wildlife