Virgin Owl by irishishka
Top work my friend.
11 days ago
Thank you very much dear Barry!
11 days
Oh! what a delightful owl, love the way its feathers are fanned out, and its features with beak and horns, beautiful indeed!
10 days
Thank you Angela Susan for your nice coment! Very much appreciate.
10 days
Irina, your work always amazes. I love the design element and the wonderful textures, so gorgeous!
5 days
Thank you dear Deborah! Very much appreciate.
3 days
You have a beautiful gift of creativity and a sense of realizium in your work, just simply beautiful, a joy to observe!
4 days
Patti, thank you so very much for your kind words! It makes me happy!
1 day
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Artist Statement
for irishishka
irishishkaIrina Miroshnikova, from Vyborg.
I am happy to be here. It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to share my art with you all.
I am a self taught artist. I started my painting in October 2008 and couldn't imagine my life without my pastels now. I love to give attention to detail, especially to eyes.
My works were exhibited in several Art Galleries of Sankt Petersburg (Russia) and my native town Vyborg, including five personal ones.
I have to stay at home (some problems with my health). All my art works are photographed by myself.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through my art. Many thanks for visiting my pages.
Gold Member
How does your identification with your art affect you? Did you want to become an artist? Do you identify yourself as an artist? Do you go about to create...
You are an Artist no doubt. When i see your art it is like poetry in motion to me. Always magical and playful - colorful and wonderful. All that matters is... view answer
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