mother and newborn by Pam Fox

mother and newborn

oil on canvas 30 x 40cm.
Such wonderful moment you captured here! Love it!
over 7 years ago
Thanks so much Katerina.

over 7 years
you have very beautifully drawn a tender and loving moment in a Mother's life that is never forgotten, makes it all worthwhile
over 7 years
Thanks so much Loretta.

over 7 years
Beautiful brush work and a charming subject. 5 ***** Pam, I mostly use Winsor @ Newton Artists Oils. But, I also LOVE the Classic New Holland Artist Oils and have a few choice colours - especially the floral pink and the New Holland Red. If I had more money I would use nothing but New Holland but so expensive and cost seems to increase every month. Thank you for comment on flame flower - very much appreciated. Hug Mike
over 7 years
Thanks Mike. Thanks for telling me about your paints. I might have a look at the New Holland but probably cant afford it. I usually use A S art spectrum and have trouble affording even that. I will just HAVE to sell a painting.
Pam xxx
over 7 years
Fantastic five star work Pam!
over 7 years
Thanks so much Wayne.

over 7 years
Lovely work, full of tenderness...
over 7 years
thanks Arduinna.

Kind regards Pam
over 7 years
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Artist Statement
for Pam Fox
Pam FoxFrom Adelaide, South Australia.

I live to paint and paint to live.

A brush, oil paint on a palette and the smell of turps is a recipe for happiness and contentment.
Just emerging from self- imposed hibernation as I have not had a creative idea in months. A artists version of "writers block", how do others cope and revive...
Just noticed your work Rick. Moving piece as both my father, Grandfather and great father served in wars...never spoken about. Have we as people of this planet... view answer
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