mother and newborn by Pam Fox

mother and newborn

oil on canvas 30 x 40cm.
Fantastic five star work Pam!
over 8 years ago
Thanks so much Wayne.

over 8 years
Lovely work, full of tenderness...
over 8 years
thanks Arduinna.

Kind regards Pam
over 8 years
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Artist Statement
for Pam Fox
Pam FoxFrom Adelaide, South Australia.

I live to paint and paint to live.

A brush, oil paint on a palette and the smell of turps is a recipe for happiness and contentment.
My paintings usually are fairly sombre in tone and colour and I find it hard to deviate from this - does that matter?
Not at all..... I don't find this the colours ! Blue is calming. Stay true to yourself... Me when all else fails a black background.... More... view answer
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