Rihanna by Donna-Marie Quick


oil on canvas
20x30 inches. portrait of the singer Rihanna.
This has taken me two long months, which is longer than normal, haha. shes been through many changes along the way too, but im happy with the end result! there is still things that I'd probably adjust but i have another painting that needs to be finished by august! so I had to say enough is enough, your done haha :)
Wow! Donna This is awsome work. You'll do well I'm sure. warmest smiles to you ;)
over 4 years ago
over 3 years
thanks erica, love your painting too :)
over 3 years
Absolutely gorgeous... :)
over 3 years
thanks Saviour :)
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Donna-Marie Quick
Donna-Marie QuickI'm a struggling portrait artist from essex. I havent been in any fancy galleries and im pretty much self-taught. Still learning with every new commission and I've finally got my website up and running woohoo lol.
Do you ever paint with nothing in mind ? You know just get out a few colours and brush and see what happens .....
Lynda This is beautifully done. Rarely I do have something in mind when I start to paint but inevitably the end result has nothing to do with the initial... view answer
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