Smooth Criminal... by Ben Askem

Smooth Criminal...

NOW SOLD. Oil on canvas, 30" square.
Classic pose, well worked ;0)
over 5 years ago
Thanks Paul, glad you like it.
over 5 years
Wonderful imagery! well done!
over 5 years
Thank you :-)
over 5 years
Thank You for recreating Michael. I miss him. It is superb.
over 5 years
Thank you Charleen. He certainly was a showman, not many of them left.
over 5 years
Amazing lighting in this painting, keep up the good work :)
over 5 years
Will try Jesse, thanks!
over 5 years
again abosoloutely perfect capture of his performing. *****
over 5 years
Excellent!! very well done 5*****
over 4 years
class painting well thought and painted
over 4 years
wonderful ! the light contrast is perfect
over 4 years
Superb composition Ben, I'm a big fan of your work!
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Ben Askem
Ben AskemAn artist with a studio/gallery in St Albans.
Ben makes his living from his art, so is guided to an extent by the commissions he takes, but always tries to paint a little of what he wants for the walls!
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If a work it OK to replace it with another? This repeat is not quite the same....does that make it OK?
To me it's not the same, this has more detail, I am not sure what the answer is, probably some rule somewhere that I would just ignore anyway. I really like... view answer
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