A painter painting a painter... by Nalini Bhat

A painter painting a painter painting!

A humble tribute to the great master on the site. The title is a tongue twister. It means me, a painter who painted Steve painting! You can see the hand signing at the bottom.
Work still in progress.
Dearest Adhishray, I don't know how to express to you the warmness in Steve's heart when I showed him this. Such a wonderful and thoughtful act on your part. He says "yeah that's how Adhishray is, she's very thoughtful, bless her heart" Said with a big smile I might add. He also claims to be a big fan of your art an I see why! You have done a remarkable job and he loved the way you painted you signing. I have uploaded it to his desktop, so when he gets back on it will be the first thing he sees. He is on some pretty powerful meds and they cause alot of lightheadedness which in turn leads to nausea, so the computer doesn't work for him right now. It's really to bad because it would make being off his feet alot easier for him. He misses all of you on PIL so very much and is quite overwhelmed at everyones concern and good wishes. There are really no words to thank you enough for your support and kindness. He will be back on soon and untill then I will be sure to let you know what is going on with him. A big hug from both of us Adhishray, Sincerely, Steve and Teresa
over 5 years ago
Thank you so much, Teresa for your lovely letter. I hope steve feels better soon and be back on the site. He is sort of my mentor as he never failed to encourage and inspire me.I am glad you both like my little tribute to him.
over 5 years
This is great!!.. I could see Steve right away! fantastic job my friend :)
over 5 years
Thanks, Chrisann.
over 5 years
Great painting!! I am new to P.I.L. and I don't know Steve but he has obviously influenced and inspired you and many others on this site... What a wonderful tribute, keep up the good work.
over 5 years
Thanks, Kimberley.
over 5 years
I love this painting..the atmosphere, vibrant colors, and great theme, ! 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 5 years
Your wonderful colours win me every time. Great Painting Cheers from Mike
over 5 years
I know Teresa thanked you for me but I have to comment myself as it is so deserved of you. I can't express how meaningful this work is to me. So very thoughtful and came at a time I really needed to smile. You mention it as a "little" tribute, I am humbled at any at all let alone such a great work done by a great artist and good friend in art. I love all the detail and the colours are so right on. You did a wonderful job and I cherish the image it will always stick in my mind with warm thoughts of you. I must say I have read comments made around the site and am overwhelmed by the kindness and caring by so many. You know now my family and friends understand why I take PIL so seriously! Thanks to all of you I have alot of catching up and hope to not overlook anyone. Very sincerely, Steve
over 5 years
Thank you so much, Steve. May be I will mail this painting to you as my gift. I enjoyed painting it and I am so happy you are back. Yes, pil is very addictive. There are great people here.
over 5 years
lovely vibrant colours.
over 5 years
Thank you.
over 5 years
great job new who it was right when i saw it i saw the original picture
over 5 years
Thank you.
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Nalini Bhat
Nalini BhatEverything is art to an artist
Like the dancer's feet dance continuously,like the writer's pen writes,like the river flows,my hands paint.
Painting is an absolute passion for me. I also write short stories,childrens' stories and run a nonprofit Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) school. Adhishray is my nickname. I also paint under my name Nalini. I have been painting since my college days. My first solo art show was inaugurated by the former prime minister of India,Mr.Vajpayee. Many of my works have won awards. My husband,son and family are very supportive of my work.
Pil has been a wonderful site and I have got tremendous support and encouragement from all the great artists here. Thank you every single artist on this site.
Gold Member
Do you ever just use what's left of paint and let your imagination take over? There are some hidden figures in this painting. Some came through...
Linda..an exquisite painting, gorgeous colors with such depth, the flowers around the trees, amazing and beautiful, I love the green field, the blue sky, the... view answer
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