Teddy in the Snow by Maree Jolleau

Teddy in the Snow

Acrylic on Masonite board. 45 x 30 cm
During my time of Family Daycare for the local Council, the children I cared for decorated our teddy for a flower show. After he had been exhibited, I wanted so much to remember him like that, that I painted him. Our theme included the teddy sitting in the snow. He was very popular at the flower show and I was very proud of the children who designed the theme. He now lives with a neighbour's boy who has down syndrome (one of my childcare group).
This picture was entered into a local competition, and hung. This was my second exhibited picture. So he's special.
i just wanna give him a cuddle! what a cutie!


over 7 years ago
Fantastic work Maree! This would make a lovely birthday card!
over 7 years
Have you viewed my, Pirates Cove 2?
over 7 years
Sweet and lovely story Maree!!!
And also a sweet and lovely "Teddy in the Snow" to..:-)
Very nice done..
Love and peace, Robert
over 7 years
Cute painting Maree, a great story and a lovely Cause. 5*****
over 7 years
Oooow thats so gorgeous like a christmas card design. Snow and all. You can keep the snow though, I'm hanging for summer, benn in hibernation long enough! 5* So sweet I read the comments that it is actually one of the toys your children had. :) Kerry
over 7 years
Maree, I so totally love this "Teddy In the Snow." His face is so cute, and it's a great composition, with wonderful, happy colors. Thanks for the heartwarming story behind it! You're great! XX, Rene
over 7 years
Thanks for your comment ! Very nice painting !!! *****
over 7 years
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Artist Statement
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Maree JolleauI always tell people I am a moody artist, because I don't have a particular format of style. What you see is my mood at the time, and the subject can be anything.

I would also like to say, now that I have been on this site for some time, there is a camaraderie that is wonderful in sharing artistic moments with like minded people.
I am blown away by the quality of work on this site, and thank Peter for establishing something we can all share.

Thank you to everyone for your comments and please help me with criticisms so that my work may grow. I have seen so many techniques here I'm itching to try.

God bless you each and everyone.

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