Successful Deer Hunt, Scotland by Joe Hush

Successful Deer Hunt, Scotland

Successful Deer Hunt, Scotland
Acrylic on Canvas 4' x 2'6" SOLD
A Commissioned painting for a customer in Wales.
Cards Available. Visit my site.
Your use of warms in this piece is so lovely!! I follow many artists but I find too many use so many "cool" colors that it always looks like a "painting".. Yours my talented friend look like you could walk into the scene... I'm totally intimidated by your work.. but I will continue and be "determined" to become a talent such as yourself!
over 5 years ago
I thank you for your splendid compliment on my work. As I tell my students it is only through practice that I paint the way I do, with your determination I am sure that you will achieve the improvement that you are striving for. Best Wishes Laura. Regards Joe
over 5 years
stunning .. stunning.. stunning..those brown dry patches on the mountain agreeing with the warm fore ground give your work that aura, only you could deliver.. awesome sir.. thanks for sharing these beauties..
over 5 years
Thank you very much for your valued comments Biswaal, they mean a lot. Kind Regards Joe
over 5 years
stunning scene, its so traditional and painted to perfection. what a treasure
over 5 years
Lovely compliment John, thank you very much. Regards Joe
over 5 years
Beautiful work! Congratulations.
over 5 years
Thank you Tony. Regards Joe
over 4 years
absolutely divine, love it!!!!! 5*
over 4 years
Thank you Vicky. Regards Joe
over 4 years
oh my god is this an AMAZING painting! I love the landscape in scotland and I definately love this work! it ist fantastic, this atmosphere! so peaceful
The galloways there.. so cute !
over 4 years
Beautiful, excellent detail!!
over 3 years
Wow Joe.
This is absolutely wonderful.
I love those mountains and the atmosphere of peace you made here.
A brillant use of brushes, shadows and distances.
Beautiful indeed.
over 2 years
Thank you very much Gloria for your very kind words. Regards Joe
over 2 years
Stunning work...I love the rich use of color...ali
over 2 years
Thank you Ali. Regards Joe
over 2 years
beautiful piece. very impressive skills.
over 2 years
Thank you Rebecca.
over 2 years
Just beautiful!!!!
over 2 years
Many thanks Angela.
over 2 years
what an endearing composition this is. Its a beautiful reminder of a simpler life not many can grasp any more. So beautiful and well rendered. Great piece!
over 1 year
Lovely painting.
8 months
you work like a master, it is beautiful so much detail it's breath taking wonderful. Kind regards Jacqueline
8 months
Hello Joe! Amazing gallery you have, your paintings illustrate the beautiful landscapes Great Britain has to offer. The rough environment with the fog on the background makes this painting amazing!
5 months
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Artist Statement
for Joe Hush
I am a Northumbrian artist, I was born in Rothbury, England in 1951, I was raised in Alnwick and now live in Washington, County Durham. with my wife and son.
I am primarily a landscape artist and the countryside of Northern England has certainly inspired me. As a family, we regularly go for country walks especially into woodland, which attracts me like a magnet.
I work in acrylic, oils and watercolour and I try to capture and convey my feelings of a particular subject, I still remain mesmerised, seeing a scene materialise onto paper.
I am a self-taught artist and after 16 years of painting professionally, I am proud my paintings are now in many Art
Galleries throughout the UK.
I now teach others tutoring art classes throughout the...
how can i improve on the waterfall? also the tree foliage. i believe it looks pretty good though we are never totally satisfied. us artist are that way. that's...
The painting is superb everything is beautiful , too your question and this only my opinion I would put extra highlights in white to the water in shorts... view answer
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