And the night burns! by Kerry Wembridge/Ziernicki

And the night burns!

Acrylic on canvas.
Australian Bushfire inspired by the Victorian bushfires earlier this year. But are of memories of "Ash Wednesday" fires.
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Artist Statement
for Kerry Wembridge/Ziernicki
Kerry Wembridge/ZiernickiI was born to create art..and have never known a time when I wasn't drawing or painting or making something. I think paint flows through my veins. Whether or not an artist.. is open to interpretation. I pick up the brush or pencil and whatever medium I'm in the mood for, and happily follow along on the journey it and my soul takes me. And often I stand back and wonder where the image I produced, could have come from. I'm in love with life, family and where I'm at. I never take life too seriously, but, can be serious sometimes, though no one I know takes me seriously lol. For me, life, laughter, books, knowledge, colour, music and art are like a drug, I am hopelessly addicted and I want there to be no cure. ...
I see the obvious clean up ie fingers, neck, skin tone, but frankly this one is kicking my butt. What next? Where to from here? How do I fix this? lol I...
Being self taught is a process that you can not give up on. each picture is a learning. suggest you experiment till you find out what works. The picture has... view answer
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