Loch Lubnaig, Scotland by Joe Hush

Loch Lubnaig, Scotland

Loch Lubnaig in Scotland
Acrylic on Canvas 32" x 22" SOLD
Another Commissioned painting for the customer in Wales. The cows were actually grazing in a field behind me so I've used artistic licence here!
Cards Available. Visit my site
How beautiful! Love this landscape! The cows in the water really draw your attention to the center. Very realistic painting!
over 3 years ago
Much appreciated Anita. Regards Joe
over 3 years
You have amazing style! I love it!
over 3 years
Joe I love your landscape your water is wonderful and the hills and mountains in the background are also great.
over 3 years
Another cracker, Joe!
over 3 years
what an amazing painting...i was drawn to it.. it must be my scottish heritage.******
over 3 years
Those Highland Cattle and everything in this Painting looks excellent. Great Work!
over 3 years
Thank you very much, glad you like it. Regards Joe
over 3 years
what a painting Joe! Bravo!
over 3 years
Thanks so much Roman. Regards JOe
over 3 years
Stunning work!
over 3 years
Many thanks Janet, I appreciate it. Regards JOe
over 3 years
Gorgeous and outstanding work. Excellently detailed and photo like perfection. Love it. Take care-Sharon
over 3 years
the trees are great, the water and vegitation... everything
over 3 years
I love your licence, I use mine liberally, to enhance a painting..... another BRILLIANT piece....
over 2 years
Fantastic work!!
over 2 years
very impressive, best regards Jeanette
12 months
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Artist Statement
for Joe Hush
I am a Northumbrian artist, I was born in Rothbury, England in 1951, I was raised in Alnwick and now live in Washington, County Durham. with my wife and son.
I am primarily a landscape artist and the countryside of Northern England has certainly inspired me. As a family, we regularly go for country walks especially into woodland, which attracts me like a magnet.
I work in acrylic, oils and watercolour and I try to capture and convey my feelings of a particular subject, I still remain mesmerised, seeing a scene materialise onto paper.
I am a self-taught artist and after 16 years of painting professionally, I am proud my paintings are now in many Art
Galleries throughout the UK.
I now teach others tutoring art classes throughout the...
I am always looking for comments on any of my works. Is there something you see in my painting that could use some additional information or work?
Just through browsing Arlen. I came across your lovely work and because I have visited the Everglades this brought back happy memories. Love your ... view answer
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