The Encounter by Marlena B. Beal

The Encounter

This is a pen and ink creation of two women approaching the same point on the steps. Both are well dressed but one is a black maid to a wealthy family and the other is a wealthy lady and therein lies the dilemma.
Nice drawing, Marlena
over 5 years ago
Excellent drawing with a story Marlena...All your drawings are wonderful story,s..The one profound the other nice....Very good artwork!
Kind regards, Robert
over 5 years
Thank you, Robert, for your generous comment on my work. I love drawing; always have and I find pen and ink can take me into the depths of my talent which I am unable to do with any other medium--complete and absolute freedom.
over 5 years
Excellent drawing and interesting style.The line work portrays the story well, and the design of the fashions in those times. Great interpretation of The Encounter. Regards Angela
over 5 years
I have so little knowledge of the fashions during this historical period so I took great creative liberty with my imagination for the design of the outfits and shoes am grateful many of you have forgiven me on this assumption and have been encouraging and supportive in your comments on my work. Thanks you!
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Marlena B. Beal
Marlena B. BealI finally have a website! (Be sure to check it out below.)

Long before I could write my name as a young child, I began drawing on any piece of paper I could get my hands on. I would sit outside on the end of the porch with my feet planted on the ground and draw images in the dirt. I could never resist the temptation to draw!

One of the things I treasure and share most with people who ask me about my beginnings as an artist is the encouragement I received from my parents as a child. Since my parents could not afford art paper; mother would save paper bags from the stores (this is telling my age!) and cut them into sheet size so I would have paper for my drawings. Whenever we visited friends or relatives, she faithfully carried...
As you can probably tell from the above (and other pictures of mine) I really struggle with backgrounds. Any tips or advice in this aspect would be greatly...
Hi Brian You've portrayed the faces beautifully and captured the joy of the moment, but re the background, can I suggest the following, which I know goes... view answer
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