The Red Flip Flops by Debrosi

The Red Flip Flops

Oil pastel painting of a person on the beach gazing out over the ocean with the red flip flops in the forefront.
This is so clever, and I love the red/pink of the flip flops! Mike
over 4 years ago
Beautiful composition love it, great colours. 5*****
over 4 years
Sweet The Red Flip Flops Debrosi. Very nice painting.Keep up the good work!
Greetings, Robert
over 4 years
Your focus point of the red shoes looks good. Riana
over 4 years
Cute composition, happy feeling to the piece. Great job.
over 3 years
love this picture of the girl at the beach in deep thought and the red flip flops that look like their comeing out of the picture in a 3D effect . I really love this drawing five stars from me
over 3 years
very unique!
over 3 years
I love this because it brings back some beautiful memmories for me. A time I visited the beaches of Cape Cod, MA. The sky and water look about the same colors. So does the sand. I was just like this. Gazing out at the water and enjoying my time. I love your idea of flip flops in the forground. I'm sure she'll come back and wear them!
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Debrosi
DebrosiI'm a self taught visual artist and an art enthusiast. I mostly do digital drawing, sketching and I am starting to get more into acrylic painting and oil pastel painting. I work as an art director and do my personal artwork in my free time. When I am working on a piece it is a part of me.
Do you think painting quickly and carelessly feels less worthwhile to you, than a painting which is done carefully and takes a long time?
My carefree work is always my best work, I've found :) There is always a point in my work where it looks finished but unfinished, if you know what I mean? I... view answer
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