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Tropic Sky 3 by Shadyfish

Tropic Sky 3

Now this one I like. I have been trying to do clouds and sky with little success and this is the closest I have got so far. Please leave hounest comments and advice to help me improve.
Thank you
Hi mac - great design colours and overall approach. Definite 5 ***** from Mike
over 9 years ago
thank you mike
over 9 years
Very beautiful sky,,Mac 08,,you have done an outstanding job of it,,,I have troubles with the sky in my paintings, too., However, I will soon want to be in your Tropic sky atmosphere, ,when our Canadian Winter finally sets in, I feel that we are spoiled right now, with this wonderful weather,,,,but then the winter will come with a Great Blast!! Love your bio....keep up the great Positive Quest!! 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 8 years
thank you Doris it is nice to know people do read it from time to time. yes winter is approaching fast, I hope you dont have it too bade. we have had it easy up to now.
Xxs Ricky
over 8 years
Hi Mac 8, I like your individual style!Nice composition,love the blues and as for clouds well they come in all shapes,shades & sizes and as long as they please the eye 'its job well done' I say!Happy painting.Shirley
over 8 years
thank you Shirley that is kind of you to say. clouds are not my thing and I find them so difficult to do
over 8 years
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Artist Statement
for Shadyfish
ShadyfishSix years ago I started my recovery from addiction and life long fight against Bi-Polar disorder. I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto a 12 week art course and like all good things it finished with no additional help and support. This is what prompted me to take matters into my own hands and set up my own charity called The Shadyfish Xperiance where we run community art and social drop-in-groups which are open to everyone. Well six years latter we are still running, and now for the first time in over 20 years I am employed (part time)
and whenever possible to paint. If you would like to know more log on to our NEW website at WWW.SHADYFISHXPERIANCE.ORG
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