Paxos Pebbles by Caroline Philp
Great reflection in the water Caroline!
Beautiful done.
over 9 years ago
Perfectly executed! Superb realism
over 9 years
Wonderful five star work Caroline!
over 9 years
over 9 years
over 9 years
I love the effects you have used for the water in this 5* :) Kerry
over 8 years
over 8 years
Amazing how you catch the reality on canvas.
over 8 years
Incredible beauty. I love your work, I love this Island too.
over 8 years
Truely one of the best paintings I've seen on this site. Wonderful!
over 7 years
I feel like I could splash about in this painting... Excellent!! warm regards Camelle
over 5 years
Amazing work! This is lovely! I can not find words enough to say how much I like your painting.Love the colours,so natural and soft.Seems as if I could touch those stones though the fresh water.Thank you for sharing,you're very inspiring to me.Isabel
over 5 years
Love this. The depth of the water and the light on it is perfect.
over 3 years
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for Caroline Philp
Caroline Philp' What stengthens me is that painting is not a strange hobby. It is a fundamental human activity - despite all the errors, painting can in principle make manifest our best most human and humane qualities' Gerhard Richter.
I work as a muralist both in Greece and wherever my work takes me. I paint when I am not working!
Do you abstract painters really start with a blank canvas, and build from there or do you plan your abstract?
This is beautiful like a dream. I normally have an idea of what i may lean towards with my abstracts yet its a journey on canvas for me. I tend to see whats... view answer
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