Color my 9.Hearts. by Hazel  Mabbott

Color my 9.Hearts.

This is for all the warm encouraging hearts I have met on PIL, warm hugs.Hazel
Beautiful and happy, I say that with a smile on my face Hazel. Very nice, take care, Steve
over 9 years ago
Thank you so much dear Steve,God bless you my friend. warm hug.Hazel
over 9 years
nice work my dear friend. I see you have some z shapes, did you know that two z are the simble Rune stone for the power of the universe. hope you aer well
over 9 years
Thank you so much for noticing dear Ricky, I was wondering if anyone would. Being part Gypsy I have tarot cards and Rune stones. warm hug.Hazel
over 9 years
It is my personal rune that called me. I use it in many of my paintings. Lets Just say that I know things without knowing. And now I am doing to make a difference. Hugs Xxs Ricky
over 9 years
Your world is full of colours my dearest friend Hazel..Full of forms and full of love!
I can feel it and see it in your work.
Great composition again Hazel!
Kind regards and warm hugs, Robert
over 9 years
Thank you dear Robert,warm hugs to you my
over 9 years
Loving you beautiful abstracts Hazel, great designs and colours. 5***** Hugs. Priscilla.
over 9 years
Thank you dear Priscilla, warm hugs.Hazel
over 9 years
my sweetest lady. i love your heart so much.. wish everything goes well with you.. hope you-re well and happy.. love you and your colorful world very much.. many stars with my love and respect to you.
over 9 years
Thank you so much dear Ayse, Love and hugs to you too my sweet friend.Hazel
over 9 years
World full with lovely hearts! I love this human piece,my dear friend! Wish you great heart and big love in your life! Yours,Ann
over 9 years
Thank you dear Ann,I wish you great love in your life too my friend. warm hug.Hazel
over 9 years
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Artist Statement
for Hazel Mabbott
Hazel  MabbottFinally after all these years I am having my own Art Exibition. With a bit of pushing and Shoving by Close Friends.
5th May 2018.
Today my Exhibition begins. Running for 4 weeks.I have never seen most of my Art in the one place.
I want to Thank all of the Artists here on PIL for the encouragement they have given me to keep doing Art.You all know who you are.May you always have "Art in your Heart"
Gold Member
This is one of my first still life painting not for sale, there is a kind of strong attachment to it. Do You share the same feeling with some of Your works?
There are definitely a few pieces that have never been (and likely never will be!) for sale, because the way they affect me.... in your piece here, I'd say... view answer
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