Blodeuwedd (pronounced blood-o-wee) by Mary Bird

Blodeuwedd (pronounced blood-o-wee)

Pastel on paper. 26x20cm. For sale. Professionally Framed. According to Welsh myth, the Flower or Spring Goddess, Blodeuwedd, was made of nine plants and given life through a magician’s spell for the sole purpose of being married to the king - a much older man. In time, she fell in love with another and together, they plotted to kill her husband. For this ‘crime’, the magician transformed the child-like Blodeuwedd into an owl (everlasting wisdom).
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Artist Statement
for Mary Bird
Mary BirdHello, my name is Mary Bird.

I have some exciting news! My artwork has been selected for a range of clothing and accessories! Check out my page on the site -

I live on the Fraser Coast in Queensland. I am a Reiki Master, Tarot reader, Visionary Artist and Workshop Facilitator. I conduct Reiki (all levels) and Intuitive Tarot workshops in my area.

Although the paranormal had always interested and intrigued me, I was 46 years old before I sought out a psychic and had a reading, but only because of news my daughter gave me. I needed to know more. At 47, my life changed direction again, but this time I was ready for it - prepared for it through readings of my own. At 48, I was...
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When you are painting a forest do you start with longitudinal lines or vertical stumps and then continue from a base , or start with the faint background...
Love Birch trees Aangela Susan,..and have,nt painted them for a few years, captured the forest well here, and this has a sense of mystery view answer
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