Trainspotting by Jo O'Brien
Very beautiful! and indeed it takes you into a different time!! :)
over 6 years ago
I love this Jo! such a great painting. It reminds me of my kids, the train ran near my mother's house and they would run down when they heard it coming. They and their cousin used to put coins on the tracks so that the train would flatten them. Oh the joys of childhood! Regards, Netta
over 6 years
Apart from this painting being so well painted, it has so much to tell also and it captures so much, you could read it as the child that accomplishes, the child the tries so hard and the child that stays safe. Basically it means something different to everyone and thats what its all about!! I love it.
over 6 years
over 6 years
what an amazing talent..
over 5 years
Love this! Beautiful story telling, without seeing the faces..Something I'm working on with "Tykes on trikes."
Amazing use of composition and color pallet here. I feel the excitement of the moment!
over 5 years
Brilliant work! Olwen ...
over 5 years
This is so practical...exceedingly well done
over 5 years
Adorable! excellent!
over 5 years
fantastic so lovely of the little blokes up to wagging school and mischive
over 4 years
Your subject and carry out reminds me of the great Artist Norman Rockwell. Lovely detail, color and composition. Laurel
over 3 years
Outstanding painting, terrific composition, and wonderful story telling. You are a superb realist painter. Obviously while self taught you have incredible talent. I was self taught also and didn't take lessons until I was 65. I read everything I can on composition, color and pastel techniques. They are a wonderful medium.
over 2 years
Very real, so beautiful!
over 2 years
This evokes the era I grew up in, Rick, and although I didn't (or wasn't encouraged to) go trainspotting, I did watch goods trains next to my grandmother's house in Birmingham, and have maintained my interest in steam engines. Lovely portrait - into my favourites!
over 1 year
It's so beautifully detailed! I love it!
over 1 year
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Jo O

I am a self taught artist. I began painting in May 2006 with my first painting, Summer of '66, which is shown on this site. And now, 6 years on, I have completed many paintings, from birds, portraits, to old shops, and an old toy truck, and have enjoyed the journey. And now I just recently have begun to experiment with pastels. I put my heart and soul into every painting that I do, and I think that is evident in my work. Although most of my painting are quite realistic, I have tried to add a painterly aspect to them too.

I have a Facebook page, Jo O'Brien Welch fineart , where I also share my art new and progress photos of my paintings.

I love reading all the wonderful comment left on my...
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Rick I know it's not easy to do a painting like this that has so much emotional connection , I think your composition is wonderful and the colors you used are... view answer
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