Peace roses by Margaret

Peace roses

oil on canvas. This is my flower stage. I seem to paint in stages.I really love capturing roses..the colours in the petals facinate me. Not my normal colour range and was going to 'gift' it but it now lives with me.
photo realistic & very beautiful!
over 3 years ago
Great composition, execution, light and color harmony. All around, simply stunning.
over 3 years
This is magnificent, and the most beautiful painted roses I've ever seen. 5***** your talent is awesome~~~
over 3 years
this is such a beautiful painting, Margaret. the roses look so real
over 3 years
Amaizing roses ...very perfect..the light is so realistic.. I loooooove it..''najla''
over 3 years
Stunning! I love how you have done the blush of colour. I have Peace in my garden and it is so delicate like this. :) Lyn
over 2 years
Belated thank you Lyn! My mother had these roses and I loved them. I have framed them in a mirrored frame and they now live in my house to remind me of her. M :)
over 2 years
And, all of a sudden, you become my idol...
Stunning is not enough to say!

Best regards,
over 2 years
Oh Wow Camellia!! Thanks so much for your generous comment! I remember painting these in memory of my Mum. Sitting in a lounge chair with the board on my lap, eating chocolate!!
M :)
over 2 years
I must keep looking to convince my brain this is not a photo. Oh how very beautiful and amazingly realistic!
over 2 years
Appreciate Karen. Thank you!! Took me ages actually to get the shadows correct. Mum had these special roses in her garden in New Zealand so painted in memory of her
over 2 years
Absolutely brilliant painting. Wonderful palette, great skill and detail. Enjoyed watching it. Thank you for creating and sharing. Take care.
over 2 years
Stunning work!
over 2 years
Superbly realistic painting, Margaret.
over 2 years
Thank you so much hanging in my home. They were my Mum's favourite roses. M
over 2 years
Absolutely wonderful , the blending of the colours the light and shadow , perfect in every way , so well done indeed .
over 2 years
Thank you so was a painting I was not happy with originally and was going to give away...glad now i kept it :)
over 2 years
Beautiful painting,amazing details!
over 2 years
Sheer perfection!
Marilyn xx
over 2 years
Really love the softness of the flowers..
over 2 years
Wow! Gorgeous!
over 2 years
Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Sublime.
over 1 year
Every time I see this painting I feel beauty and only the beauty....
over 1 year
Just perfect, I lov it! !
over 1 year
Delightful painting in your wonderful style, Margaret.
Love it. A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Kindest regards, Peter
over 1 year
Hi Margaret,
What a wonderful painting. Love the way your colors the colors...the light.... Just love everything about this is so beautiful.

Kind regards
9 months
It is so nice, I think, you can almost smell the flower!

Great job!
4 months
Thank you Joel. these were my mum's favourite flowers and the frangrance was delicious. ! Best M
4 months
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Artist Statement
for Margaret
MargaretNew Zealander,adopted by Australia. Never realised I had any creativity until I swapped Latin for art. My great art school teacher encouraged me to try for Fine arts diploma and attend university. A blink later I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. Thought you just sketched frocks not have to draft patterns etc!!Both my father and teacher all but disowned me when I and decided painting faces (makeup) was my thing. Makeup is a form of art I think.

Can't really remember anything I learnt formally. So I am basically self teaching my way along.I probably get caught up in too much detail as I paint with canvas board on my lap watching TV,playing music and eating chocolates!

My greatest influences were Pietro Annigoni.His charcoal...
Gold Member
I have experienced real problems painting this - is it worth framing - or shall I put it in the bin? Honest answers please.
Marilyn of course it's worth framing your Flamingo is lovely standing on one leg in a gorgeous purple lake fantastic background.I know what you mean about... view answer
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