Torn ~ Series 1 ~Abstract Feelings. by Chrisann

Torn ~ Series 1 ~Abstract Feelings.

I took a close up shot so you can see the paper torn and ripped effects.
watercolor, study with washes and different texture effects
Dearest Chrisann,I am touched so much by your friendship. I just got back from a family get together for 10 days. I am a little unwell. I will e mail you an dwe can keep our friendship going. I am amazed at what you are achieving inspite of the trouble you have. I will talk to you thro' e mail when I am a little better!
Lots of love
over 6 years ago
Likwise here my dear. I am truly touched by your kindness and I will wrie ro you an e mail soon. I feel llke you are an old friend. Thank you for all the encouragement and love you have showered on me,Chrisann! We will have a great year ahead!
over 6 years
Very good!Love it!
Happy New Year to you!
over 6 years
Chrisann did you get my e mail?
over 6 years
I read the statement and I am so...touched Chrisann. The inspiration is mutual and I am much richer in friendships this year and the years to come. I join you in giving a toast to Peter too. Somehow this site is so unique!
over 6 years
My dear Chrisann,It's make me feel relax and calm! Such beautiful colors combination..softly,lovely,fragile,feminen..simply wonderful! Your abstract have one new dimension:human relation with the people of all world! Bravo,my dear! Wish you bright thoughts and open soul in New year! Big hugs,Ann
over 6 years
This seems a heart being hurt. I hope not too much. A very good idea, Chrisann. All mybest wishes for you, Isaura
over 6 years
Wonderful colors, I feel very strong emotions from looking at this dear Chrisann,The title is perfect,5* warm hugs and a wonderful New Year.Hazel
over 6 years
Wishing You a wnderful Happy New Year Chrisann! ;-)
over 6 years
Well, girl! Look at you sweetie, getting a ton of high votes, and some wonderful comments, enough to fill a book! So happy for you....=)
I'm thinking you love to experiment and you do it well when it comes to adding your emotions to a work like this one. The colors say more to me your feelings, of anger, confusion, pain. I don't see warmth in the colors, I just see their emotions, even though they appear soft, the textured body of the work is telling. Like a halo of thorns around your heart. Ouch!
This is really your true gift in your work, Chrisann. Your heart comes out in them. That really draws me in.
Wishing you all the best, great fun, much learning, and a fabulous new year!
Love ya girl.
over 6 years
i just love the colours and the mood, Chrisanne... 5*****. luv, Tiela
over 6 years
This is wonderful, Chrisann! I'd love to be able to paint emotions in an abstract! Great title and love the soft colours and texture, wonderful! x
over 6 years
thank you so much for your comment your work is cool ! i only wish i could get as many comments and votes
over 6 years
This is marvelous, yummy colours!!!!
over 5 years
Some nice effects here! 5* Best wishes, William
over 5 years
Chrisann, this is beautiful!
over 5 years
Great texture and mixture of colours.
over 1 year
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'Expressing On Canvas' with her Inspiring Brush Strokes, she paints abstracts, still life, portraits, landscapes and scenes. Chrisann has always been attracted to Color. Her palette is loaded with an assortment of colors and her Stero turned up, while she paints in her art studio. She is always...
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