Christmas Wood by Dawn McGuire

Christmas Wood

Merry Christmas and may the New Year Bless Everyone of you with Health, Joy and incredible inspiration!!! Truely I am forever in debt to all of you for your support without which I know I would not be where I am now! Through you I have found Painting seriously comforts my soul Thankyou so so much.

This is an expression of the warmth, joy and love Christmas brings. As always so much could be done to make it better but does it have to be perfect I ask myself? So big festive hugs and a Merry Christmas to you all. : )xxx

Crits and comments always really appreciated. : ) x
beautiful xmas colors dawn and thank you for your xmas wishes. you have my 5*and my xmas wishes as well!

happy holidays

joyce vitek
over 4 years ago
Beautiful and inviting, with that Dawn texture and brushwork. Wishing you the best of holidays Dawn and a special thanks for all your support the last few months, it's very nice to know you. Your right what is perfect? Picasso said there is never a mistake in art, there is art.
over 4 years
This is really excellent______******Dawn******!!!
over 4 years
This is a warm, colorful and happy painting. Just the way you wanted it. The combination of the ultramarine and the scarlet tones , is great. Thankt you so much dear for your wonderful comment on Iwan and for your support to this project. I appreciate your words very much and i am honoured.
Merry christmas and as very happy , healthy and painterly new year to yuo and all your loved ones.
Robert xxx
over 4 years
Dawn,great thank you for your extraordinary comment ...You are especial pearson_______your feeling in painting is great.Love pearson as your are.Best wishes!
over 4 years
Love your Christmas Wood Dawn, a beautifful concept, love to walk through it, fabulous colours. Happy Holidays. 5*****
over 4 years
Very colorful. Free Spirit. Nice... :~) d
over 4 years
Very lovely, painting, Dawn! I love the blend of beautiful colors,,in your Christmas Wood. Blessings to You, Dawn!!5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 4 years
Love the colours ytou have used and technique. Well Done - Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Holidays!
over 4 years
Another wonderful work from you Dawn!5***** I absolutely love the texture, colours and composition and find that your paintings are always inspiring. Best wishes for the forcoming season :)x
over 4 years
So beautiful and blessed this Christmas forest. Incredible how each of us finds imagination to feal this Love Season. And of course I ask you to join my group Christmas Feelings. I'll be very pleased, Dawn. And of course all the best for you, my friend, this Christmas and all ther others ahead. Love Isaura
over 4 years
well done!
over 4 years
I love your work Dawn and this is stunning, a wonderful colour palette and so beautifully done ;0) I hope your wishes come true for the new year my friend and your creative juices continue to flow ;0) 5***** cheers, Paul
over 4 years
Gorgeous and comforting woods, with a wonderful Christmas message - I wish you love, joy, and lots of great art in the coming year! xoxRene
over 4 years
Hi Dawn, This one is lovely. I love the colours of your Christmas wood. This has a beautiful atmosphere... 5***** And thank you too for all your inspiration and encouragement on PIL I think we all take away a little or a lot of inspration and camaraderie from this site. And may the joy and love of christmas bless everyday for you and all those you love. xx :)Kerry
over 4 years
This is the most interesting forest I have ever seen. You made it superb with your brush and palette and of cours your concept.High expressionism.
over 4 years
Thanks for your commentary, your paintings this floods of force congratulations and Happy celebrations
over 4 years
this is beautiful and just so reflects your wonderful and peace to you too...xxxx
over 4 years
Dear Mags, a wonderful Wood with magic light! Thank you so much for kind greetings! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a nice day! "5"
over 4 years
Oh, my God! Excuse me Dawn, I am sorry! :)))) This time before Christmas is not only white and still, but anybody is playing games with me, I see. :)) Dawn, hugs for you! :)))
over 4 years
dearest dawn, no critisism from me. your painting shows the beauty of your heart and your sentiment is matched by many of us on here. thank you and lets stay artist friends for many years to come. merry happy lovely christmas.
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Dawn McGuire
Dawn McGuireHello Beautiful People.. x

I feel truely honoured to be part of this Incredible Community.

I LOVE to enthuse and inspire people, and if I cannot enthuse you with my work then I will try with my words.

The constant flow of serious quailty work on this site is INCREDIBLE!!..

A Real Big THANKYOU to Everybody for their Amazing support and interest in my work and for sharing their work and veiws with me.... I cant get over the fact that I feel genuine affection for everyone yet have never met anyone? It is, it seems, as if you come to know people through their work its magical....

I am sorry I have not been on the site much of late but my life can be exceptionally demanding and I am prone to dark periods. Please don't take it...
I didn't find this one easy to paint but feel my reference material let me down as I didn't have enough detail to understand full and it was probably a mistake...
Animals are difficult and i is important to have sufficient reference shots to give the correct physical characteristics. I think you did a great job on them... view answer
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