in awe by Riek Jonker
I love this one...Great movement, unusual pose. Magnificent artwork. Thank you Riek, for sharing,
over 4 years ago
This is another beautiful work, Riek. I just love everything about it.
over 3 years
Beautiful extention of her feelings of awe,, very nicely rendered,, Riek,, Sincerely, Doris
over 3 years
Another moving piece of art. I am greatly touched. Love it and putting your work into my special favorites. Love, Gail
over 3 years
Thank you, Gail, for taking the time and for your kind comments.
over 3 years
She is in awe of HIM! What a gorgeous work, Riek! I love it very much! It's so beautiful and speaks volumes!
over 3 years
Very beautiful, you can see the strength and emotions, really good job Love it. Gwen
over 3 years
I am in Awe.
over 3 years
so brilliant, so well created Riek!
over 3 years
Amazing piece Riek!
over 3 years
What glorious celebration! A true sun salutation.
over 3 years
beautiful... in so many ways
over 3 years
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for Riek Jonker
Riek JonkerArtist by Nature: "I did not become an artist, I am an artist by nature. Created in the image of my Father, who is the creator of everything..." "What am I? I am a spirit being, having a temporary physical experience..." Who is your Father? "My Father is my dream giver, and I know by His nature that He never gives a vision without also providing a way for me to taste the fulfillment thereof..." Why fine art? "I draw because my words are simply limited." My life motto: "As water reflects a face, so the heart reflects the man...Prov. 27:19" Your genre? "I hope to convey Love and Truth through my work..." "My favorite style and medium? None, I love all media and prefer not to be bound by art and it's mechanisms, rather to be totally committed...
I'm self-taught and don't know a lot about painting. Can you give me advice about shadowing? I know you don't just use black. I heard somewhere that you use...
Great pic Nan, I can't give you advice but I can say what you have done has worked well! I do remember someone telling me to include a bit of the foreground... view answer
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