Father and daughter by Suset Maakal

Father and daughter

All your works represent a beautiful fragile aspect of human existence. StunninG!
over 7 years ago
Thanks....I must ty to remember your kind words, because that is what I seek to paint!
over 7 years
Just lovely!It shows great tenderness.5*****Shirley
over 7 years
Thanks, Shirley.
over 7 years
I think this is beautiful. YOu can feel the wind blowing and as always a fan of the colors you use :):)
over 7 years
Thanks, Chrisann. As in most of my paintings, I here again use a very limited palette.
over 7 years
Very expressive. The father's posture looks so familiar to me!
over 7 years
Thanks so much!
over 7 years
Your use of contrasting colours is terrific. The composition is balanced and the movement you have created, not to mention the story and vibrancy of the work, all just so well done.
over 7 years
Thanks very much for this comment that was posted some months ago!
over 6 years
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Artist Statement
for Suset Maakal
Suset MaakalI am a watercolour artist and art teacher.One of South Africa`s leading poets, Uys Krige, once said: "Life is like a raging river coming down in full flood. It brings with it branches, tins... a dead donkey and the water is brown and murky as it rushes by. But then, along comes the poet and takes a piece of that raging river and diverts it into a pool which is so calm and transparent that it reflects the sun, stars and heaven."
I, as an artist strive to do the same as the poet: to take a little bit of the life that surrounds me, and make it quiet like a still pool of clear water which then reflects the heaven and the stars.
I do not have any formal training as an artist, but was given a good foundation and knowledge of watercolours by...
Is it really so hard to give substance in an abstract or it is just because is my first try? Any comments and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks so much!
You have done well, Christina with your first go. Like you I struggle free myself into abstract form and being human search for shapes/meaning in abstract... view answer
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