Red Planet Encounter by Lenny Thomas

Red Planet Encounter

Oil on canvas,8x10 inches
....beautifull. You are the great inspiration to me reading that you started in late 60-ties.I'm 46 and verry happy begginer :-)Love your work
over 5 years ago
Moni, Thank you for the wonderful things you said about my painting, Listen! inspiration is something we all need, and when I started painting in the 60's I had a lot of people in Greenwich Village, giving me inspiration. I wish you all the best with your art and it's never to late to create....Lenny
over 5 years
Wow, beautiful colours and detail
over 3 years
Pauline., Again than you for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to view this painting. ..
over 3 years
Wonderful painting, beautiful texture and stunning colors!
over 3 years
Danielle, Thanks again for viewing this painting. ..all the best to you and your art......Lenny
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Lenny Thomas
Lenny ThomasArt means more to me than just something to look at. In my life, art is truly a part of it. I started painting in the late 60's. I show and sell my work here in Canada, I also have paintings In various homes in the U.S.A., for more information visit
me at
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As I am not totally happy with this commission I am currently creating a face only painting for this person as an alternative. Would you do the same ?
Dear Alan it's always a challenge to make commisions, but I think you have nothing to be afraid of as it's a glorious painting. When I started writing this... view answer
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