Do you find it easier to share your feelings with people you do not know? Are your paintings a mean of communication, an expression, a form of diary?
Latest comment Hi Sabine, I did not know you were dealing with a loved one with cancer. I just lost a dear one last week after a long battle. My heart goes out to you...
Yes I think sometimes my work is a... elizabeth webb
Do you feel a lesser artist because you need the crutches of images to be inspired? because thats...
How would you deal with hunters of this beautiful rare beast.?
what do you think this painting is about? is it of a sexual nature or does it celebrate the passion of Christ and His creation.......
I would love to know what mix of colors you used to get that amazingly realistic skin tone of the women on the right? Also, you're not specifying whether this... view answer
Sonja Gartner
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