It's a while since using watercolour I found it a little difficult as I have been using acrylics and waterbase oils does this ever happen to you ?
Latest comment lovely work Maureen! excellent sand and beautiful sky! I have faced the same problem w/watercolor last month, after not having used brushes for almost a month (worked only w/pencils). I had to view... Christina Papaspiliopoulou
Do you feel a lesser artist because you need the crutches of images to be inspired? because thats...
When painting a picture with more than one panel would you try painting them all as one to keep all...
I cannot think of a suitable title. Any suggestions please? Thank you everybody for all the suggestions. I've decided on Solitude as that is the most popular.
I love the title you've settled on Cyril...You've created a most amazing painting in pastels. I can imagine how this guy is feeling as he stands there hoping... view answer
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