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Have to figure out where to go with this - any thoughts on how to refine the beach?
Latest comment I think it looks good just like it is. Although a few seagulls might add something nice to it if you wanted to add those. Nice work, Sue! Mary Rogers
Much of this is still at the under painting stage but should I leave it or refine with more fur...
When do you decide one's painting is finished?
What is the longest time you've taken to finish a painting?
Do you struggle to get just the right shade or hue of colour in the final watercolour? I find that...
had so much trouble trying to get the right colours, are other people having this problem? also the photo is showing different colours as well..... think l...
Just found these wonderful boots!! They caught my eye as I love boot paintings, they show the character of the wearer. I really like your adaption of Van... view answer
Jillian Bryan
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